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Stops Light Degradation

Violet Glass Jars

The best storage just got better. We all know glass jars are the best way to store cannabis. Violet biophotonic glass provides the best protection and actually increases the vitality of medical marijuana. Our violet glass jars are made to scientific standards insuring medicine stays fresher longer. Vitality glassware jars' unique composition blocks degrading visible light while allowing beneficial UVA and IR light to enhance medicine stored inside. more...

Science behind the glass

Studies have shown herbs stored in violet glass jars has increased aroma compared to clear or amber glass. Utilized by the ancient Egyptians for long-term storage of natural substances, the benefits of bio-violet glass were not discovered again until the 1800's,when Jacob Lorber an Austrian naturalist, noted its preserving and enhancing effects on olive oil.

Join The Revolution

Discover The Secret. Chefs, Wildcrafters, and Herbalists have used vitality glassware jars for years to enhance ingredients and increase vitality during storage. Premium medicine deserves premium storage.


"This unique biophotonic glassware is unparalleled in preservation of natural items. Made in Switzerland. This storage technology was rediscovered after wheat seeds found in the pyramids were dated at 3000 years old but retained their vitality. Scientists determined the vitality of any natural substance could be preserved and enhanced by storage in violet glassware. Only available to the public since 2007, mmJars vitality glassware is revolutionizing organic storage in all parts of the world. Available in a wide range of sizes."

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